What we do

IAPOS is a lively and incisive network of Chief Medical Officers, Tropical Disease Specialists, Independent Consultants and Mission/NGO Specialists who provide general health, occupational and travel services to companies and individuals travelling and working abroad.

IAPOS was founded in 1970 and is the forerunner of the International Society of Tropical Medicine (www.istm.org).

How we do it

The next IAPOS conference will take place on Friday 14 May 2021 as an on-line webinar due to the current Covid19 restrictions,  This will include the biennial Stanley Browne Memorial Lecture,

Please put the date in your diary.  Programme details anfd joining indstructions will be issued shortly.

 IAPOS is an informal association of physicians who have responsibilities for people overseas. Within its ranks are members (often working within large and medium sized companies) with experience in almost every part of the world and expertise in every facet of travel and overseas medicine.  The Association meets twice a year, in May and November normally, and almost always in London.  At each meeting there are four papers presented on wide-ranging, but relevant subjects.  There is usually a buffet lunch and then a Dinner in the evening to which partners and guests are invited.  The Association exists for the fellowship and mutual contribution of each member.  As an Association with a limited membership each new member agrees to attend at least one meeting per year.

Our members consist of Independent Consultants, Medical Officers for major organisations in oil, gas, energy, airlines, power, engines, air safety, legal, & branded consumer products. Six companies are in the FT Global 500.

The companies involved represent annual turnovers totalling over £690 billion and employ more than 640 thousand people world-wide.

In addition to the UK, our membership includes doctors from countries such as South Africa, Sweden, Germany, The Netherlands, Portugal, Switzerland & The USA.

Some of our members hold academic positions; others are private and/or public health care providers.

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